Thursday, May 2, 2013

An interactive map of the First Suffolk State Senate election results

You can click on the map below to access an interactive version with precinct-by-precinct results for the Boston part of the First Suffolk State Senate Democratic primary election between Rep. Nick Collins, Maureen Dahill, and the winner, Rep. Linda Dorcena Forry. The results were obtained from The Dorchester Reporter and are not official, but give a good feel for the regional strengths of Collins and Forry.


  1. There are no Milton precincts the First Suffolk. It's entirely within the City of Boston. I think you're confusing the senate district with Forry's house district (12th Suffolk), which contains two Milton precincts.

    Great map otherwise. Thanks!

  2. Also 14-4 seems to be flipped. (Not surprisingly, since it's such an outlier on your map.) See City of Boston's results:

    1. Thank's for the corrections! I've fixed the wording and the data for Ward 14 Precinct 14.